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Who We Are


Embulbul education and counselling center (EECC) is a community based organization dedicated to providing quality counselling and training services to children, adults, families and groups. Our goal is to provide the best individualized and evidence based treatment possible. To meet this goal, EECC has professional counselors and partners with other independent licensed counselors.

EECC was established in the 2002. It is one of the oldest and well established providers of psychological counselling and training services in Kenya. It was founded to help people cope better with psycho-social problems and enable them become better managers of their lives and that of their significant others. We have a holistic approach to counselling and compliment health care with education.

What We Do



  • Education programs
  • Counselling programs
  • Outreach programs
  • Mediation
  • Library services


Disaster and trauma: Rapid Trauma Response & prevention work

Peace building & Reconciliation

Care of care providers: Professional & paraprofessional, pastoral workers

Adult literacy & care for the senior citizens

Training: Certification & non-certification training

National Reforms: Formulation of Policies and Bills, Curriculum development

Our Partners